Joining up the social media pixels

We are privileged to have a small team dedicated to making film. To some it may seem like an indulgence but having seen its results I think it’s a necessity these days.

What makes it work is the people in the team, a bunch of talented and driven communicators who know how to get difficult messages across quickly and clearly. They use interviews, animation and techniques I don’t even know the names of, to tell council news and policy. They tell the stories of council officers’ everyday jobs. Jobs that keep society ticking over – home care workers, school crossing patrollers, bin men. They also train voluntary organisations to use the cameras and editing software so they can tell their own stories.

Here’s a great example of their work – Election Information: At the polling station.

More and more they are working on films for our online training modules and if you take a step back, not only is their work invaluable, it’s a microcosm if the entire work of the council.

They’ve had a Twitter stream for a while now but so far it’s only been used to broadcast when they upload a film onto their YouTube channel but the New Year will see a new dawn for our film unit.

Once we’re all back in 2012 they’ll be joining me on Media Funnel so that they can use Twitter to tell you what they’re up to.

Please follow them on @SLYouTube. I can guarantee that once they’re into the swing of it you’ll be hooked the projects they’re working on and look forward to seeing the finished film that you’ve followed from planning, through filming and editing. Feel free to ask them technical questions – I’m sure they’ll be looking for advice from other film makers too.

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