We’ll tweet again, we know where, we know when

This week’s blog is an unashamed plug for an event I’m organising.

After facilitating an unconference @DCCTayside asked what we could do next. I suggested a tweet up but in typical DCCTayside style he wanted it bigger, better and stronger than just a bunch of tweeters getting together for a chat.

And so the Tartan TweetMeet was born. Six venues in six Scottish cities where public sector tweeters will get together all at the same time to compare notes, share best practice and just meet face-to-face. What’s more for an hour during the event, the public will be contributing their thoughts and asking their questions about engaging with them using social media, using #tartantm.

All good on paper but first things first, a WordPress site to hang the whole thing from. I came up with Tartan Tweeple in the hope that it would have a shelf life beyond the first event, a site for anyone to use for their tweet ups. The next one could be for businesses, the voluntary sector, educators, whatever sector fancies running one.

Once the website went live I thought “Oh s**t, what have I done? What if there’s a big, fat silence? What if no one steps forward to help co-ordinate the other five venues?” If all else failed I had my Glasgow venue sussed at the fabulous Lansdowne Bar & Kitchen.

Within minutes of the event launch on Twitter I had my volunteer in Dundee in the shape of @TaypolStudents and @denkmit offered one of the spaces at Abertay University’s students union.

Next to step up to the mark was @corrinnedouglas in Stirling, quickly followed by @LockhartL and @prettysimple in Edinburgh.

The fabulous @jonbolton offered to co-ordinate Inverness even although he not from up there but would be there training. In Aberdeen Victoria from Aberdeen Council and @k8marb offered their help and we were off and running.

In each venue we have people from the NHS, police, SEPA, councils and fire. The only place we’re struggling with is Inverness, probably because we’re lacking that local knowledge – if anyone can help drum up the Highland numbers please spread the word.

The next step is to tell the public about #tartantm on our respective organisations’ Twitter streams and then just turn up on the night with toes and fingers crossed.

So there you have it – Scotland’s first national TweetMeet. It’s happening next Wednesday (February 22) – organised for free, with very little overall effort, just a little synergy happening from six ingredients.

And that’s what I love about social media – the results far outshine the component parts.

Watch this space next week, the morning after the night before.

Tartan Tweeple


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  2. Kelly Quigley-Hicks · February 16, 2012

    Sounds fantastic – will be watching with interest. Love the fact that events are being coordinated across the whole country, just shows that there’s a real appetite to get together, share and learn.

    • carolynemitchell · February 16, 2012

      I’m excited – there should be some lively debate, looking at the attendee list 🙂

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