Great day for blog, with apologies to Dr Seuss

Today I missed the deadline for the Weekly Blog Club because life got in the way.

This is my peace offering, unashamedly plagerised from the great Dr.




Everyone has a blog.


Great day, today!

Great day for a blog!

Blog, whales!

Blog, snails!

Blog, rooster!



Girls and women!

Boys and men!


Great day

to blog

up on a wire


Up, bloggers!

Louder! Higher!



doing blogs!

On phones . . .

. . . and Macs

. . . and microblogs!


Blog! Blog!

Waiters! Alligators!

Blog, folks!

Blog in



Blog! Blog! Blog!

Fill up the page.

Blog finished?


Blog! Everyone!


Except for me.

Please go away.

No blog.

I’m sleeping in today.

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