The postman always rings thrice

Today brought two delivery men and the postie to my door.

The postie delivered a letter and a card to say someone had posted something to me with not enough postage so now I have to make the trip four miles down the road to pick up the mysterious package which was 50p short. I’m guessing that if I costed out to process of leaving the card it would be more than 50p – seems you can take the girl out of business process re-engineering but not the business process re-engineering out the girl.

The first delivery man brought my annual cull of cropped black trousers from the Next sale plus a pair of skinny damask print jeans. I do the black trouser thing every year in my hope of looking like Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction through the summer and this year I’ll be topping it off with one of the do’s she sported in Kill Bill Vol. 2 – can’t wait to see my hairdresser’s face when I show him the still from the movie 😉

Uma thurman hair1

The second delivery man brought me my tickets for the Eels. The delectable Mr E is playing Glasgow on March 18 and I wouldn’t have known had it not been for the lovely Rachel Everington pointing out the tour dates on Twitter. I’ve loved the Eels for ages and read Mark’s book Things the Grandchildren Should Know in a day. I can’t wait to hear him and his band live because if his descriptions in the book are accurate it’ll be nothing like the studio sound. If you think you’ve never heard his music before you should check it out on Spotify because I can guarantee you’ll know a lot, thanks to advertising osmosis and Shrek.

Late in the afternoon I had two separate conversations with my friends Leah Lockhart and Liz Azyan on Facebook, one about books and the other about internet safety and the quandary most parents face when they let their children loose on the various devices they can go online with now. At the same time I was having a phone conversation with another friend about the PartyLite party I’m having on Sunday – multi-tasking in the online age. I love how social media conversations can be frippery one second and dead serious the next. Part of the conversation with Leah and Liz was the fact that I’ve requested my Facebook archive. It’s just arrived as a 71k zip file and at first glance doesn’t look that interesting but I’m guessing the devil is in the detail. I’ll let you know if I find any EU law howlers or anything I didn’t already know about myself.

Today I have learned:

  • I still fit into size 12 skinny jeans (Norovirus probably helped with the festive over-indulgence)
  • Uma Thurman is my ideal woman – it’s taken a while for me to recognise where my inspiration comes from
  • Social media will always be interesting. There will just be lulls I’ll have to deal with but someone will rescue me from the doldrums
  • there’s nothing ice-cream can’t fix when you’re 5

Today’s recipe

MiniHim’s Car Banana


Serves 3 and a half

This is basically carbonara with the egg removed as I couldn’t eat the proper thing when I was pregnant with MiniHim. I’ve never bothered adding it again as we all prefer it egg-free. The new name comes from MiniHim who misheard what was for dinner one night.


dried spaghetti

splash of olive oil

1 onion, chopped

2 garlic cloves, chopped

1 packet of smoked bacon, chopped

3 handfuls of chestnut mushrooms, sliced

3 dollops of creme fraiche

large handful of Parmesan, finely grated

black pepper

any chopped fresh herbs you have to hand (optional)

Method: While the spaghetti is cooking heat the oil and fry off the onions, garlic and bacon. Add the mushrooms and a generous amount of black pepper.

Once mushrooms are cooked add the creme fraiche and the Parmesan and once bubbling add the herbs.

Serve with the spaghetti, more Parmesan and pepper for sprinkling and either garlic bread or doughballs on the side.

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