Lunch envy

My manager has a sick line for the week, thanks to a nasty chest infection. She’s never off and we knew it must be bad when we heard she’d made an appointment with her doctor. A couple of us are picking up her work and I’m really looking forward to my added extras – looking at the social media for our civic pride project Celebrating Lanarkshire 2013, a feature on childhood literacy and an Improvement Service day at Cosla looking at new performance indicators. My own appointments for the week include a new web build for our Leisure Trust’s wedding venues, a community resilience meeting and our regular web working group. As well as that I’m putting together guidance for using social media tools to maximise the use of the Meteo Group weather report used by many local authorities, working on measuring the last two months’ sentiment of traditional and social media, working on content for a new Adult Protection website and all the other stuff I do on a daily basis. Just shows you the breadth of  activity of a comms officer these days – gone are the days of banging out a press release and hoping for the best it makes the paper! Anyway, get well soon Cathie – we can cope without you but I’m not sure for how long!

At lunchtime I was passing Sports Direct which, at the moment is selling off the JJB Sports liquidation stock. I popped in not expecting to see anything and ended up with a pair of black suede Firetrap boots for MiniMe, the same in tan for me and a pair of Lee Cooper baseball boots for MiniHim. The Lee Coopers are made of denim and even have wee jeans pockets on the side. They’re so cute that at £6 a pair I’m going back to see if they do adult sizes.


Lunch was a home made pot noodle which I have to admit was an idea stolen from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall but was heavily adapted. When I posted the pic on Facebook and Twitter I had a few people commenting on it and for that reason it’ll be today’s recipe. If you’re going to try it I’d invest in a good plastic box with a clip lid or a wide-necked glass jar would do.

Today I have learned:

  • the list of key work objectives for a comms professional is almost limitless and constantly changing
  • there is such a thing as a bargain
  • there is such a thing as a healthy noodle pot

Today’s recipe

Home made pot noodle


This has base ingredients and then the pick and mix ingredients are really up to you, just cut any veg you use really finely. I haven’t put quantities because it depends on the size of your pot and your appetite – this is the kind of thing you can play about with but will always be tasty.

Serves 1

Base ingredients:

1 nest of fine egg noodles

1.5 tsp Marigold vegetable bouillon

half a tsp sugar

Pick and mix ingredients:

carrot. spring onions, sugar snap peas, baby corn, French beans, tiny straw mushrooms, garden peas, spring greens, sweet peppers (any colour), pak choi, grated ginger, grated garlic, red or green chilli, sweet chilli sauce, lemongrass paste, anything else you fancy.

To finish:

a dash of soy sauce

a squeeze of lime juice

Method: Place your base ingredients in your container and add whatever you fancy from the pick and mix list. Pour over boiling water till everything’s just covered. Put on the lid, give it a gentle swirl then leave for around 8 minutes – you’ll see the noodles swell. Remove the lid, add the soy sauce and the lime and mix as best you can. Tuck in and slurp till your belly’s full 🙂

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