Why I love public transport

I spent most of the morning trying to work out how to get from Hamilton to Bellshill to Stonehouse on public transport. Turns out the four mile trip from HQ to Scottish Enterprise takes a 15 minute walk, followed by a 35 minute bus journey then a 20 minute walk. Trains weren’t much better with two trains and long wait for the connection. Normally I’d use our car but HimIndoors needed it today. Sometimes I use the council pool cars but there weren’t any available.

The bus want from Hamilton, through Bothwell and Uddingston, across to Tannochside then through a scheme in Viewpark before depositing me at an industrial estate. This meandering journey raised two questions. The first was as we passed a beauty salon in Uddingston which was advertising ‘designer waxing’. Vajazzles I understand but designer waxing? Someone will have to fill me in on this – is it the brand of wax that makes it designer or is the hair left behind in the shape of the Chanel logo? The mind boggles!

The second is a trend I’ve been noticing for a while and I’ll apologise now if you have had this done to your house. Why do so many bought council houses have those fake white uPVC bay windows? Not only do they not add any actual space to your living room, the flashing above the window usually leaves a lot to be desired and is usually the colour of lead if it isn’t actually lead which looks terrible next to white uPVC and white rough cast. I know it’s all down to taste but I’d be asking for my money back on the shoddy workmanship.

Th meeting I went to was interesting but I won’t go into details for reasons that will become obvious. Why, oh why do organisations appoint graduates or junior members of staff to ‘do’ the social media/websites for a project? Social media and websites should be the main thrust of most campaigns and/or PR these days. They should be part of the PR/media strategy, not standalone and certainly not left in the hands of someone who has only ever used Facebook in a personal capacity and never used Twitter. I’ll get off my soapbox and leave that there I think . . .

I went back to Sports Direct for another two pairs of the Lee Cooper baseball boots from yesterday’s post, a pair for me and a pair for MiniMe.

Today I have learned:

  • bus journeys are great for creative thinking and also provide blog material
  • social media is much more important than most people, other than the converted, realise

Today’s recipe

Butternut squash soup



slug of olive oil

1 large or 2 small onions

1 large or 2 small butternut squashes, peeled and cut into chunks

1 large or 2 small potatoes, peeled and cut into chunks

1.5 litres of vegetable stock

2 dollops of creme fraiche

toasted seeds, pinenuts or walnuts to serve (you could also use the chilli mixed seeds you can buy in tubs)


Heat the oil and fry the onions till soft. Add the squash, potato and stock. Bring to the boil and simmer for around 15 minutes until the veg is soft.

Add the creme fraiche and whizz with a hand blender till smooth. Season if needed, reheat if needed and serve topped with the seeds or nuts.


  1. May · January 15, 2013

    The comment re the waxing made me lol!
    P.S. do you mean the bay windows like mine 😉 x

    • carolynemitchell · January 15, 2013

      No, yours isn’t plastic with dodgy flashing – unless Dawson’s been practising his pole dancing again 😉

      • May · January 18, 2013

        Just worry when he has a pejazzle! X

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