I won’t be winning this time

Tonight was the next competition submission night at the camera club. I’m still getting comments about being an upstart for winning the last one but I can assure everyone, there are no winners in this category from me.

This time round it’s Natural History and there are very strict guidelines. Now let’s make this clear – I don’t do nature. Urban landscapes, candid portraits and roller derby are my thang, as you can see from these. I wouldn’t give any of them wall space. In fact, if I was in it for the winning I wouldn’t enter any but I’m not. I’m putting them in knowing full well some of the things that are wrong with them but I also want the feedback from the judge so I can learn.

B1 Harris Hawk

B3 Apple Blossom

B2 Birch Knight

I’m keeping this short because it’s late and a cuppa’s just been put down in front of me.

Today I have learned:

  • I need to invest in an image stabilising lens
  • never bet on there being a bottle of white wine in the fridge

Today’s recipe

Tasty  gone-wrong risotto


HimIndoors is the expert in making risotto. He does it sans recipe but I can just imagine what was said when he was getting the ingredients together and the fridge was devoid of white wine. He plumped for a Chilean merlot and I have to say I think I prefer it. Instead of a sweet taste the red wine gave a deep, savoury flavour. We also omit the cream that is in most risotto recipes. If you constantly stir the rice it creates its own creaminess and it’s very therapeutic. I highly recommend this.


olive oil for frying

250g risotto rice

1 glass red wine

2 onions, sliced

1 litre veg stock made up with 2 bay leaves in it

a handful of mushrooms, sliced

1 small pack of smoked salmon

1 pack uncooked king prawns

3 spring onions, chopped

whatever herbs you have lying about, chopped

juice of a lemon


black pepper and grated Parmesan to serve

Method: Heat the oil in a pan, tip in the rice and stir to coat with oil. Add the wine and the onion and let it bubble, stirring for a minute.

Add the stock a ladleful at a time, constantly stirring the pan. Add the next ladle of stock when the rice has almost soaked up the previous one. After about 10 minutes add the mushrooms. After another 5 minutes add the salmon, prawns and herbs. Once the prawns are cooked, check the seasoning and that the rice is cooked through. Season and serve with a grinding of black pepper and a sprinkling of Parmesan.

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