There’s a Bugg in my system

HimIndoors was off with the kids today so I was driving on my own to work this morning. Looking at the blizzard outside I decided to avoid the motorway. It’s seven miles from home to work and this morning it took an hour. There were two lots of road works and a set of traffic lights out at a major roundabout on the outskirts of town where the M74 traffic meets town traffic. With about 2 miles to go I joined the end of the queue and there was a woman walking alongside me. The traffic was moving so slowly she actually beat me to town.

On the upside I got to listen to Jake Buggs album uninterrupted, all the way through. Now to an ancient person like me it may be a bit derivative but all the influences are there to be heard and they’re all first class and if it gets another generation listening to them, all the better. I’d much prefer MiniMe to be listening to Jake than Justin Bieber. If all you’ve heard is Lightening Bolt you should give the album a try. You’ll hear Crosby, Stills and Nash, a bit of Jeff Buckley, a hint of Woody Guthrie and even a bit of Lana Del Rey but maybe it’s a bit more of her producer David Kahne. I’d go as far as saying it’s my favourite album of 2013 😉

When I got to work I discovered my colleague is ill and that I’d have to take his place as an Information Officer at our local by-election tomorrow. It’s single transferable vote and an electronic count. We had a practice run with fake ballot papers today and it was really interesting to see how transparent the technology makes things.


Tomorrow night the candidates and their agents will be able to see the papers being scanned and see on screens facing them any spoiled papers and the adjudictors’ decisions. They’ll be able to see the breakdown of the votes and I’ll be there to help answer any questions before I upload the results to the website.


I’ll also be able to give a flavour of the atmosphere and the various stages of the evening on Twitter so it’ll be an exciting night, for me anyway.

Today I have learned:

  • Jake Bugg’s writing is more mature than he is
  • people aren’t ‘stuck in traffic’ they are traffic
  • being traffic gives you time to use your right brain

Today’s recipe

Steak and chipsgriddle

Tonight was supposed to be Chinese beef in oyster sauce but MiniMe turned her nose up and decided we were having steak instead. This isn’t really a recipe but a suggestion to invest a tiny amount of money in a griddle that sits over your hob. I bought one about 3 years ago and it has transformed burgers, steak, lamb, pork, tuna, kebabs – the list is almost endless. This one’s from Argos for £14.99.

Steak and chips



sirloin steaks


While the chips are cooking, cook the steaks on the griddle with a grinding of salt and pepper. Leave to rest while you fry the mushrooms in a little butter. Job done!

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