You’ve got to crack some eggs!

Today I made the horrible discovery that I’ve lost some original photos I took a couple of years ago in Paris. I really liked them and thought I could submit them for tomorrow night’s Three on a Theme competition at the camera club. The only place I have them saved is on Facebook and they’re pretty poor quality so not really up to being enlarged 😦

So it was back to the drawing board and, remembering that they like you to play around with your images I decided to do just that with some mediocre seascapes. Here they are for your delectation – and comments, although you’re not getting the colours on here.

Wick posterised

Dunnet Head posterized             Calgary posterized






Last night I got to do some programming on NetLogo and I created my own colony of grass-eating ants. It gave me a certain sense of achievement to see them running round my PC screen. Tonight I have to tackle my first piece of homework that has to be handed in and marked – a true test of my blonde brain cells 😉

Today I have learned:

  • never trust me to back up anything
  • I have ants on the brain

Today’s recipe



You know the advert really is true – eggs are the perfect fast food. I used to be scared of omelette making – it all looked so complicated and one wrong move would end in scrambled eggs. I got a grip one night and haven’t looked back. Some people add milk, some people water and some people nothing goes in the egg mixture but egg. Me, I fill the big half of an egg-shell with water where trips to the tap = the total number of eggs in the omelette (this maths-based course is really getting to me).

What you put in your omelette is entirely up to you. The Minis like ham, mushroom and cheese whereas HimIndoors and I will have onion, garlic, mushrooms and whatever herbs and other ingredients we have in the fridge. Whatever you add the basic recipe is the same – fry whatever needs fried, add the egg mixture, then the cheese, flip in half and serve.

Tonight’s ingredients

Serves 2

butter for frying

1 onion, sliced

1 garlic clove, chopped

1 tsp Lazy Red Chillies

4 mushrooms, sliced

a chunk of French saucisson sliced

6 eggs

6 egg-shell halves of water


1 tbsp parsley, chopped

a handful of cheese, grated (I used half cheddar, half Emmental)

Method: Melt the butter and tip in the onion, garlic, mushrooms, chillies and saucisson. While they are cooking over a medium heat, beat the eggs, water and seasoning together in a large bowl.

Tip the egg mixture into the pan and leave undisturbed for a couple of minutes. With a fish slice pull the cooked sides away from the pan, letting the uncooked egg mixture fill the gaps. As the omelette cooks you’ll have to tip the pan to fill the gaps.

Once the top of the omelette is starting to cook, add the cheese (in the kids’ one this is when I add the cooked ham). When the cheese is starting to melt, carefully lift one side on the omelette with the fish slice and flip it over the other half. Leave for a minute longer then half and serve.

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