Work, work and more work

My head is spinning I was so busy today.

First up I had a web development meeting with the person who looks after the education content on our website. There are lots of good things happening including a pilot for us to provide microsites for a selection of our schools in the hope that the rest will be so impressed they’ll want one too. We also looked at a few fully integrated transactional forms which should help with our channel shift project. I thought I was rushing from there to a strategic web meeting but that was cancelled so I managed to get a little work done before heading across the border to North Lanarkshire for a civic pride project we are involved in. From there it was back to HQ to dump my bags and head to our monthly operational content management meeting. I got back to my desk with just enough time to send out email invitations to all the civic pride group to the new group I’ve created for us on the Knowledge Hub.

Time for a breath then we headed home for a quick dinner of some leftovers that were yummy enough to include here as a recipe-of-sorts.

Now I’m going to try to get the kids to bed so I can get onto my complexity course for some chaos but listening to the argument brewing right now in the living room I know enough about chaos to write a thesis.

Today I have learned:

  • some days I’m just not meant to get lunch
  • some days work is attending meetings
  • sometimes leftovers are tastier than the original

Today’s recipe

Goan Prawns20130220_185503_LLS

Serves 2



1 packet of raw prawns

Method: Defrost the leftover Goan tuna sauce. Add the prawns and heat till the sauce is bubbling and the prawns are pink. Serve with naan bread and Perfect Every Time Rice.

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