Bring on your worst case scenario

I met up with Lynda Nicholson from the Scottish Government Resilience Unit for lunch. She’s moving over to work on health policy and today was her last day in Glasgow as a resilience bod. She’s been very supportive of my work and studies over the last year and I wanted to say good luck properly. We went for lunch and a chat about how to keep the momentum going with social media in the emergency responder community, especially with police and fire reform. We think we may have a few answers but I’ll have to wait and see how things pan out before I blog on here about it.

We also  discussed how, once you start working in the emergency response business and research events around the world, you become a kind of worst-case-scenario type person. I have to admit we have a pretty impressive emergency kit in this house. We have a massive bag of salt in the garage and all sorts of tools for clearing snow. We also have a large plastic box with tinned and ready-to-eat food, a gas camping stove and gas cylinders, bottled water, blankets, candles, matches, battery-powered phone chargers and a waterproof wallet with all the insurance and other essential documents in it. We also have an old-fashioned analogue phone in case the power is off for any length of time. I’ve also been meaning to do an emergency plan for the street with contact information for everyone, details of who has a 4×4, who’s a good plumber/joiner, who knows first aid etc but I never seem to get around to it. We’re stopping short at stockpiling food and digging a bunker in the back garden but you probably need planning permission for that!

Tonight I have to choose between ironing or fractals. Either that or I could iron a short for tomorrow for MiniMe then do fractals – my life is so complex it’s frightening 😉

Today I have learned:

  • a sideways move to do something completely different is completely do-able
  • it’s not just boy scouts who are prepared

Today’s recipe

Banoffi pots


Serves 2 but is easily scaleable


2 ginger nuts, crushed with a rolling pin in a freezer bag

2 bananas, sliced

2 dollops of old custard (ready made will do)

2 dollops of fudge or caramel sauce

150mls double cream

a crumbled flake or posh hot chocolate flakes to finish

Method: Put a layer of crushed ginger nuts in the bottom of two glasses.

Mix together the banana, custard and sauce in a bowl and add a layer on top of the ginger nuts.

Whisk the cream until just starting to firm up. Add a layer on top of the banana mixture. Keep adding layers until you’ve used everything up then top with crumbled flake or the posh hot chocolate flakes. Keep in the fridge till they’re ready to be eaten.

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