Engaged employees are happy employees

I was up with the lark this morning to catch a bus then a train to Edinburgh for the GovInsight/IBM social business tools seminar. There were people I know there such as Mike McLean from the Improvment Service and Ian Watt from Aberdeen City Council but for a change there were lots of people I didn’t. The topic for the event was how to use social media tools internally in an organisation for collaboration, communication and actual, real-life work. Stuart McRae used the IBM intranet as an example but there was no hard sell on the product, just the concept.

Sunny Edinburgh

Sunny Edinburgh

This isn’t anything new to me as I’ve seen a similar presentation from another IBM social media evangelist before but it did reaffirm a lot of what I’ve been thinking for a few years now. I don’t want to get into the nitty gritty here but I have Storified the main tweets from the session. It’s the first time I’ve used Storify so please allow for my basic use of this fabulous tool.

When got back to the office I was straight into a meeting that started off about a new website and ended up with a tutorial on using the Knowledge Hub – doesn’t get more social than that for us internally at the moment but, again, a fabulous collaboration tool. If you work in the public sector you should take a look if you haven’t already.

On other news I’ve been stripped of my Natural History trophy at the camera club. The president took me aside tonight, looking really serious and worried. Turns out tamed birds of prey don’t count as natural history and people had complained. He was obviously uncomfortable with the whole conversation but I really wasn’t upset. I explained that I was in the to  learn how to use my camera, not win competitions. What the judge said and how he scored the photo mean more to me than the trophy and it wouldn’t have mattered which category it had been entered into, the judge would still have thought it was a great photo. I’m happy with that – what’s more crystal doesn’t really go with the decor in the living room! Plus it means I can enter my Harris Hawk into another competition 🙂

Today I have learned:

  • trust empowers employees
  • don’t trust an agency with engagement on social media
  • that non-existent superior being really does giveth and taketh away

Today’s recipe

Breakfast flan


Serves 4

I wouldn’t serve this for breakfast. It’s definitely dinner but the ingredients are mostly breakfast.


1 pack shortcrust pastry

4 slices of bacon

3 sausages

butter for frying

a couple of handfuls of mushrooms, sliced

200mls double cream

3 eggs

Method: Roll out the pastry and place in a flan dish, cutting off any extra bits round the top. Cut out a circle of baking paper and place it on the base. Put a layer of dried chickpeas on the paper and bake in the oven for 10 minutes at 180C/Gas 6. Take out of the oven and remove the chickpeas and paper and put back in the oven for 5-10 minutes till the base is dry.

While that’s baking grill the bacon and sausage then cut into bite-sized pieces. Fry the mushrooms in the butter.

Once the pastry case is ready scatter the bacon, sausage and mushrooms on it. Whisk the cream and eggs together in a jug with plenty of black pepper then tip into the pastry case. Bake for around 20 minutes or until the egg is  just cooked but still slighty wobbly.


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  3. Participation Cymru · March 11, 2013

    Thanks for the link to Storify – there’s some really interesting tweets in there. Couldn’t agree more about the importance of engaging with employees. We’ve certainly seen that organisations that engage with their staff usually engage better with the public.

    I think “Social media shouldn’t be done by an agency – that’s marketing, not engagement” is my favourite though – short and to the point – perfect!

    • carolynemitchell · March 11, 2013

      I liked too but it got a few comments from agencies, needless to say 😉

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