Can I start today again please?

This morning was a bit of a disaster, in fact most of today has been challenging.In fact the run of bad luck started last night. MiniMe has another infestation so it was back to the chemist for more treatment. The chemist can’t decide if she’s catching them off an untreated friend or if it’s the eggs on her head hatching. She gave us stuff to leave in overnight and a Nitty Gritty comb, and thanks to the minor ailments rules, all free on prescription.
We applied the stuff which has the consistency of engine oil, let it dry then off she went to bed.

We got up in plenty of time to get ready for MiniHim’s swimming lesson. MiniMe went off for a shower to wash off the engine oil. I told her it would take a few goes to cut through the oil so I wasn’t concerned when she’d been in for 30 minutes. Then she shouted on me. She’d used half a bottle of shampoo and still couldn’t shift it. I washed it another twice with shampoo and again with soap but it was still like a chip pan. I shut the shower screen to put the soap back in its dish, turned round and opened it again and the whole thing came away in my hand, wedged itself against the washhand basin and scratched the mirror. The plastic hinge at the top had sheared so HimIndoors had to heave the whole thing to the garage while I got MiniMe into our shower to continue with the shampooing.

Needless to say we missed swimming but we went into Strathaven and while I was at the butcher’s HimIndoors took the kids to sort out my Mother’s Day stuff. We headed for lunch then I dropped MiniMe off at her friend’s for a pamper party and on the way out I gave their dog a pat. I was about 5 minutes down the road when my eyes started to itch and by the time I got home my eyes looked like I’d done a few rounds with Mike Tyson. I’ve never been allergic to dogs. I’ve two lots of allergy tests done in the past and apparently my reaction to grass pollen was the worst the doctor had ever seen. Although I wasn’t allergic to anything else the severity of the reaction to grass pollen could make me sensitive to other things without it being a true allergy.  I took part in an immunisation trial for my grass pollen allergy. The trial was a huge success and I was symptom-free for about 10 years after it but then the symptoms started to come back. I went back to tablets, nasal spray and eye drops but slowly the medication has stopped working. I’m down to my last working pill andI don’t know what I’ll do if that stops working – a fish bowl over my head may be my only option. Anyway it looks like the pollen allergy has made me sensitive to dogs – I had a dog for 12 years and no allergy – I may be in for a bad summer.

Anyway the run of bad luck seems to have tailed off – touch wood.

I’ve been cleaning and cooking and ironing all day so that I can hopefully have a day of relaxation and indulgence tomorrow. I’m being taken for afternoon tea but I know the venue does killer cocktails too so I may be a bit naughty for a Sunday afternoon 😉

Today I have learned:

  • my burgers are better than McDonald’s (and that came from a 5-year-old so it must be true)
  • after nearly 45 years I have developed an allergy to dogs
  • I can still only complete one layer of a Rubik’s cube



Today’s recipe

Peanut butter burgers


Serves 4

I know this sounds a bit weird and the picture doesn’t look that appetising but believe me these are marvellously tasty – you’ll never go back to plain cheese burgers after you try this. I have tried many recipes for burgers that include breadcrumbs and egg to bind them but you really don’t need anything other than mince and seasoning.


500g mince


1.5 tsp American Steakhouse Seasoning

a dollop of crunchy peanut butter for each burger

4 cheese slices

red currant jelly

4 sesame buns

salad to serve

Method: Put the mince into a bowl with the seasoning and a good amount of salt and pepper. Mix together with your hands then split into 4 and shape into patties.

Heat a griddle or heavy-based frying pan and cook the burgers – I like mine medium but everyone else likes them well done so I put mine on when I’m flipping theirs. Once cooked add a dollop of peanut butter on top of each burger then top with a slice of cheese each.

Transfer each burger to a bun and top with salad – I use rocket or spinach and spring onions but everyone else likes tomato and cucumber. Spread some red currant jelly on the top half of the bun and top the burger.

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