Snow school today

We woke up to more than a blanket of snow this morning so I knew I’d be dealing with school closures on the website and Twitter. I put out a tweet saying how much snow we had with the uksnow hashtag and asked people to tell me, using the hashtag and the first part of their postcode, how much snow they had, explaining that it would help with the national picture. People got it and it gave me an idea of where the worst snow was therefore what areas were likely to have transport problems and school closures.

It’s amazing how people lose the basic grasp of the language in these circumstances though. I put out a tweet listing the only three schools that were closed and 20 people asked about their school. In the past I have posted tweets saying ‘All our schools are open’ and about 30 people came back asking ‘Does that include . . .’ I’m always tempted to tweet back “Which part of ‘all our schools are open’ don’t you understand”. The Minis hate that I’m always first in the know with the news because it means they can’t pull the wool over my eyes. This morning one of MiniMe’s friends told her the school was closed and the information was up on the school website. I double-checked the site and it wasn’t and I certainly didn’t have any messages to say it was closed. So she was packed off to school – in a huff.

Last week on Twitter I spotted a retweet of a message from a researcher looking for people to take part in a new cookery show. Anyone who reads this will know I love to cook so I DM’d her my contact details and thought nothing of it. Tonight my phone went and it was another researcher to find out if I’m still interested. He asked a few background questions which included me telling him about the #epicdinnerparty and my blog which he said he’d check out. He’s sent me an application form but now I have to find a cooking partner. Basically they need partners from Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales to go head to head in the kitchen. The first round involves cooking for a pop-up restaurant in our houses and the winners of that round go off to the studios for a series of challenges. The winners take £25,000 which MiniMe already has spent on a new kitchen and a road trip round the US. If she’s not allowed in the kitchen she wants to be the pop-up entertainment, along with her guitar teacher.Anyway I’ll keep you posted about the progress of my application to appear on My Kitchen Rules and if the two people I have in mind to be my cooking buddies don’t fancy it I may be begging on here.

I’ve just tweeted that all schools are open tomorrow and had a tweet back which is made up of three guns and four knives from WingDings – I wonder if that constitutes a complaint in our new complaints process 😉

Today I have learned:

  • by tweeting, people actually think I personally grit the streets, empty the bins and close the schools
  • my writing makes my mum cry (in a good way)
  • a box of biscuits for cheese makes great breadcrumbs

Today’s recipe

Chicken goujon wraps


Serves 3-4

I serve these with warmed tortilla wraps and salad which the kids like making up themselves but you could just serve them with chips, wedges or baked potatoes and salad with coleslaw.


half a box of mixed biscuits for cheese

1.5 tsp American Steakhouse seasoning

3 chicken breasts, cut into chunky strips

2tbsp plain flour

2 eggs beaten in a bowl

oil for frying

Method: Put the crackers and seasoning in a freezer bag and break into breadcrumbs with a rolling pin or meat tenderiser. Put on a dinner plate. Put the flour on a dinner plate and make a production line starting with the flour, then the bowl with the egg, then the breadcrumbs, then a clean plate.

Coat each chicken strip in flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs and place on the clean plate.

Heat the oil and cook the strips for about 5 minutes each side till golden.

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