Checking the checklists

Not much to say about today. MiniMe’s school phoned just before lunch to say she wasn’t well so I had to do a mercy dash to pick her up, take her to my mum’s then back to work. It took nearly 3 hours all in with a half-hour stop for a cuppa.

HimIndoors went back for her after dinner then the three of us sat transfixed watching Kevin Fong on Horizon – How to avoid making mistakes in surgery which looked at the various methods that are being used to make surgery safer and the science behind them. It’s definitely worth watching on the iPlayer and I’d recommend it to anyone who has to make decisions under pressure or who work as part of a team with traditional, strict hierarchies.

Today I have learned:

  • under pressure the brain tends to fixate on one thing, missing opportunities happening on the periphery
  • under pressure the brain slows down time
  • simple checklists are stopping more than one third of people going on to develop complications after surgery
  • removing rigid hierarchies make processes more likely to succeed
  • exhausting a checklist allows the brain to move on to more innovative solutions
  • Kevin Fong is the new Brian Cox
  • I don’t like soused herring
  • I don’t like rye bread

Today’s track

Today’s recipe

Creamy herrings on toast



Serves 2

1 small red onion, half sliced, half chopped finely

1 pack dill, chopped

2 tubs rollmop herrings

2 tbsp white wine vinegar (I had to resort to balsamic, hence the funny colour)

200mls soured cream

2-4 (depends on the size) sliced rye bread, toasted

Method: Put the chopped onion in a bowl with the dill, reserving a few sprigs for a garnish. Drain dry the herring, removing any onion and pickle. Cut into strips and add to the bowl with the vinegar and cream. Mix well.

Add the herring mix on top of the toast and garnish with the leftover dill and the sliced onion. Serve with a side salad and a bottle of cold beer.

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