Life’s gone quiet

Another day of routine meetings, routine work and a tiny bit of social media training. After rushing home I had just enough time to do some meal  planning for the week before heading for the supermarket with MiniHim. It’s my Mum’s 65th birthday next Tuesday so I’ve invited everyone round for a birthday dinner. We’ll be starting with antipasti then chicken, mushroom and basil lasagne and finishing off with pear and cinnamon cake with fudge sauce. Recipes to follow.

In MiniMe news, her English teacher was so impressed by a piece of her writing today that she has to type it out over the weekend  for her work folio because it’s ‘too good to be hidden in a jotter’. She also came home with a certificate for ‘receiving a substantial number of merits’. She can’t remember how many she’s had and the woolliness of the wording suggests the school has lost count too.

Today I have learned:

  • compared to all the other children in the supermarket MiniHim’s behaviour is exemplary

Today’s track

Just coz..

Today’s recipe

Chicken sandwich with lime mayonnaise


Serves 2


2 chicken breasts


2 limes

2 tbsp mayonnaise or aioli

4 Warburtons Sandwich Thins


Place the chicken on a piece of clingfilm and fold it over. so it’s covered. Beat with a meat tenderiser or a rolling pin till it’s about the thickness of a £1. Heat a griddle and cook on a medium heat for five minutes then turn over. Season and sprinkle with lime juice while cooking.

Mix the juice of the remaining lime with the mayonnaise and put in a small dish to serve on the table, Prepare the salad and put in a bowl to serve.

Split and heat the Sandwich Thins.

When the chicken is ready, cut into strips and serve so people can help themselves to fillings.

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