Happy birthday Mum

So today was my mum’s birthday meal which meant doing what I love best, preparing and cooking food then sitting down with my nearest and dearest to eat it.

The only thing I didn’t have to worry about was the birthday cake because my friend May, who lives far to handily at the end of the street, is Airlie Fairley Cakes so I asked her to make it for me. I think you’ll agree it was pretty spectacular and it tasted even better than it looked.



We had a lovely dinner – I’ll share the recipes during the week – and we spoke a lot about the impending trip to France. As HimIndoors and I were dealing with the debris once the parents had gone home I had a lovely tweet back from Pamela Drukerman, the author of French Children Don’t Throw Food which I blogged about yesterday. She loved the review, thanked me for it and retweeted my blog. I love Twitter. That’s me regularly speaking to Nigel Slater, WW1 researcher and advisor to the BBC Paul Reed and now I have another best-selling author thanking me for a review. And Twitter’s not just great for speaking to famous people. I’ve made some really good friends on Twitter, some of whom have eaten my food, stayed at my house, watched roller derby with me or gone to the pub for a drink with me. The other thing I’ve noticed about Twitter is that it’s a great ice-breaker at conferences and events. I used to be a bit of a wallflower and a bit shy at these things but now the chances are I’ll bump into someone I follow on Twitter or someone who knows someone I follow. Even better is that we’ll have been tweeting about the event in the lead up to it and may even have arranged to travel to it together or meet to pick up our badges together. The people I’ve met through Twitter probably don’t even recognise the description of a shy and retiring Cal444 but it’s true – Twitter has given my confidence a boost.

Today I have learned:

  • MiniHim thinks I’m lazy
  • I can play music from our computer through our XBox using my phone

Today’s track

Today’s recipe

Roasted cherry tomatoes

These go really well with the salmon from last night and the leftover sauce is great poured over plain cous cous.


cherry tomatoes on the vine

a couple of glugs of olive oil

a couple of glugs of balsamic vinegar

Method: Heat the oven to 180C/Gas 5. Whisk the oil and vinegar together and pour into a small roasting tin. Put in the tomatoes, vine and all. The oil mixture should come halfway up the tomatoes. Pop in the oven for 40 minutes.

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