Rattle those pots and pans

So you should all know I love to cook by now. When I got married the first time round I put some Le Creuset pans and casseroles on the present list, not really expecting to get any as they were extortionately expensive, even 15 years ago. Back then the only colour they came in was orange, or in Le Creuset circles, Volcanic. In the end we got two sizes of pan, a massive cast iron  casserole and a smaller stoneware casserole. Sometimes I can barely lift them they are so heavy but things definitely cook and taste better in them. I would never make a bechamel or cheese sauce in any of my other pans because they go lumpy and burn at the bottom too quickly and risotto or anything in a sauce has to be done in the big cast iron casserole. I love my Le Creuset so when it came to divorce time I made sure I got custody of MiniMe, the dog and the Le Creuset.

Fast forward to the holiday in France and imagine my excitement when I discovered that the Le Creuset factory is about 15 minutes away from Saint-Quentin and what’s more there is a factory shop. I quite fancied a tour of the factory but one of the reviews said that the health and safety policy was about as old as the factory itself and we had MiniHim with us so I just headed straight for the shop. I was like a pig in the proverbial and although it was small a small shop I think I went round three times going ‘Ooooh’ and ‘Ahhh’.

In the end I bought some special cleaner, a big lasagne dish which was christened in yesterday’s blog, a tiny tea bag rest and a beautiful black whistling stove-top kettle. It was much cheaper than in the UK and what’s more there was 20% off the classic Volcanic range. Win!


Since the lottery began I’ve always said that if I win I’ll open an antiquarian bookshop with am organic coffee shop attached. The whole thing could run at a loss because it would be just for fun to get me out of bed in the morning.

On the way to the Tunnel we stopped overnight in Ashford and we had a dining experience that has changed my lottery plans. Just across from the Holiday Inn was a sign for an American diner which we thought would just be a restaurant done out like a diner. We weren’t prepared for the real thing. Built in 1941 in and housed originally in Pennsylvania, after a couple of moves Stateside the diner was shipped over to the UK in 2001. I have to say I was less than impressed with the food but the surroundings were stunning. So now if I win the lottery I’ll be getting one of these babies but doing good home cooked burgers, chilli, lasagne, cherry pie, lemon meringue pie, all kinds of pies with milkshakes and coke floats – the list is almost endless. I might even invite Adam v Food over to open it.



From all that I have learned:

  • some people don’t realise when they’re sitting on a goldmine
  • some people should never be allowed to serve food to the public
  • Le Creuset pans are an investment worth making

Today’s track

Today’s recipe was simply a chicken curry made with leftover sauce from the Goan tuna so I didn’t even take a photo. Actually that’s a lie – I forgot to take a photo!

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