The Wedding Dress

OK, so I haven’t blogged in ages but I’d like your opinions please.

MiniMe’s been asked to enter a writing competition. It’s to be up to 100 words with a twist, either a reworking of something traditional or her own work. The competition is open to 11-18 year olds and I think what she’s written is way beyond her years.

Feedback would be gratefully received as she’s to hand it in by Wednesday.


The Wedding Dress


Marissa sat in the middle of the floor with the box open in front of her. A million happy memories ran through her head as she traced her fingers down the smooth, silky fabric of her wedding dress. A small smile crept upon her face. She finally picked up her phone and just sat there with it, thinking. She jumped as the thoughts of her past came into the present. She looked at the phone. She pressed her thumb onto the Twitter icon and before she changed her mind wrote, “For sale, wedding dress, never worn”.



  1. lelil · June 17, 2013

    Here’s another competition MiniMe might want to enter:

    • carolynemitchell · June 17, 2013

      I’ll pass that on, thanks. It may keep her out of trouble during the summer holidays . . .

      • lelil · June 17, 2013

        Hmmmmm…but surely getting into trouble is what summer hols are for?

      • carolynemitchell · June 17, 2013

        Trouble but not too much. She wants to dye her hair lilac with a blue dip dye at the start of the holiday. It can only go downhill from there. (I’m just jealous!)

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