Transformation can be transcendental

I’m no yoga bunny but I do find the breathing techniques relaxing and the teacher always tells that the asanas massage internal organs, lower blood pressure and heart rate.

I haven’t practised yoga for 17 years  but now I’m back at it, with a brilliant studio I am finding that I can apply it to a lot of my leisure time. I wasn’t expecting to draw parallels to the transformation programme going on at work so tonight’s unravelling of my thoughts after class surprised me.

Like most transformation programmes parts of ours feels like wading through treacle, other parts half-hearted and yet others scratching the surface. Don’t get me wrong, there are flashes of inspiration and aspiration but where can yoga help, I hear you ask.

Something clicked in class tonight, There was the in breath and an awareness of what I was about to ask my body to do, there was an exhale as I moved to a position, an awareness of any tension as I inhaled again (sometimes this was tricky and I had to imagine breathing by expanding my lungs and ribs at the back then a complete relaxation on an exhale, using the weight of my limbs to get a deeper stretch. Finally there was an inhale to raise my head and become aware of coming back to an equilibrium before moving on to another position.

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Applied to transformation, there needs to be an awareness of where you are and an understanding of where you need to be. Along the way you need to take regular breathers to take stock of the effects the changes are having on citizens, employees and processes.

You need to have empathy for all the stakeholders.

You need to carefully balance internal processes with citizen experience.

You need to feel the connections, use the breath and the transformation will come.

So maybe instead of agile we should be aiming for yogic.

Who’s up for a sun salutation?

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